Custom Screen Printing in Edmonton

Make a bold statement with your Edmonton brand with custom screen printing products.

Imagine your brand logo, crisp and vibrant, on a batch of freshly printed t-shirts. That's the power of custom screen printing. As Edmonton's goto promotional product providers, Rise promotions is ready to bring your branding to life on a variety of products. From promotional apparel to custom corporate gifts, screen printing offers a durable and cost-effective solution to increase your business's visibility.

Not to be overlooked, screen printed products add a touch of sophistication to your promotional toolkit. Whether it's a baseball cap featuring your logo prominently displayed or a sleek polo shirt designed for your team, these products can create an even more premium look for your brand. Screen printing allows you to make a bold statement, showing your clients and customers the value you place on your brand's image.

So, if you're thinking about boosting your brand presence, read further to find out how custom screen printing can be used as a means to not just tell, but show the world who you are.


What is Custom Screen Printing? 

Screen printing, a method you might already know as silk screening, is all about getting your brand out there through vivid imprints on various products. Imagine your logo on everything from comfy branded t-shirts to handy tote bags to comfy custom hoodies or even decorative coasters—all made possible with this technique. It's a printmaking process where a mesh screen is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil.

Here's the lowdown: in screen printing, layers of ink are applied onto the product you've chosen. This ink isn't just any ink; it's thick and color-rich, which makes your designs pop with eye-catching vibrancy, especially on darker materials. The ink used is robust, so it won't bail on you after a few washes; it's meant for the long haul, keeping your brand looking sharp time and again.

Screen printed items can range widely, including but not limited to all kinds of apparel, drinkware, household items, accessories and office supplies. Customizations extends beyond just the item, screen printing can take place on different parts, like the chest, sleeves, or back of clothing, and on the front, sides, or back of hats. This opens up a range of branding opportunities for your next creative campaign.

Why Choose Rise Promotions for Custom Screen Printing

When you're planning to give your brand a boost with promotional items, picking the right screen printing service is crucial. Let's talk about why we're the go-to choice in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and even the bustling West Edmonton Mall area for your bulk screen printing needs.

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Tailored Screen Printing 

Your brand is unique, and your promotional items should be too. With us, you can add your personalized touch to any item with any minimum order. Metallic shine or glitter? No problem.

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Fast Turnaround Times

We understand the importance of your deadlines and special events. That's why we pride ourselves on our ability to offer fast turnaround times for your custom screen printed projects, without sacrificing the quality you expect and deserve.

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Quality on Any Material 

Whether it's fabric, wood, or even metal, our screen printing products shine. This versatility means your logo or message can appear on a variety of promotional products


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Cost Effective 

Initial costs matter, but so does value over time. Our screen printing products are a great investment when ordering in large quantities. You can rely on us for premium screen printing products that meet your budgetary needs.



Edmonton Screen Printing Services at Scale

Want to get your brand out there with some snazzy printed tees, perhaps some hoodies, or even custom accessories for a sleek, unified look? That's where we Rise Promotions comes into play. We are basically your one-stop-shop screen printing, custom engraving or embroidery at scale - think custom clothing, business logos, and personalized gifts. We’re geared up to handle bulk orders for large businesses, maintaining quality while printing by the hundreds.

Whether your a start-up looking for its first batch of branded caps or a university needing a few hundred hoodies for incoming students, Rise Promotions has the scale for you in Edmonton. We’ve got the speed, service, and a splash of creativity needed to bring your vision to life, no matter the volume.

Recent Screen Printing Projects 

Feel like getting some inspiration for your next promotional project? Check out our recent screen printing products that could be your next level branding campaign. With the right blend of quality screen printing and eye-catching design, your projects are sure to shine.


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