A New Year, a fresh start

  • Dec 22, 2022

A SMART New Year’s Resolution you can actually stick to.


Beginning a new year gives us an
opportunity to reflect on ourselves and
where we want to be in life. It serves as a
new beginning, a fresh start. As we try to
improve each year, It’s is important to have
a very defined path to follow. This will
make it easier to stay on track and gauge
the success of our personal journey.
That is why the RISE team has prepared a
guide to making your New Year’s
Resolution, the SMART way!

Limit your focus
Choose anywhere between 1 and 3 areas you want to focus on. This will prevent you from spreading out too thin. Aiming all your time at just 1-3 goals will lead to seeing actual progress at the end of your journey.

Look back
When you look at a map to get directions, the first thing that pops up is your location. You cannot choose a way forward without knowing where you are coming from. Write down your starting point for each one of your goals and use it as a measure to ground your goals into an achievable course of action.

Be Specific
Choose a concrete, achievable goal and make a step by step plan on how you will get there. Also, make sure to include a set of reasons why this is such an important goal for you.
Don’t say you want to learn a new skill. Say you want to learn how to code with Python by taking one hour long classes three times a week because I want to get a job as a full stack developer and work from home.

Renew your motivation
As time goes on, and the enthusiasm of the first days
dies down, reality will set in and consistency will
become difficult. Revisit your resolution to remind
yourself why you started this journey. You should aim
to turn motivation into discipline, then discipline will
become a habit.

After a year of hard work, now comes the time to
reflect and compare. Go back to your starting
point and stack it up against where you are now.
At the end of the day, even if you did not fully
accomplish all your goals, you now should be a
better version of yourself. A new year is around
the corner. Adjust your expectations now that you
have experienced what is actually possible, and
try again!

It’s a new year, a fresh start after all.

Use this template to jot down your resolutions and track your progress throughout the year!

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