Custom Embroidery in Edmonton

Unlock the potential of your Edmonton business with custom embroidery products that truly stand out.

Embroidery isn't just a craft—it's a powerful branding tool for your Edmonton-based business. When you choose custom embroidery from Rise Promotions for your promotional products, you're opting for a touch of class that screen printing just can't match. This attention to detail doesn't go unnoticed, it's a distinction that clients and prospects perceive as a commitment to quality.

Beyond quality, embroidery offers a unique avenue for businesses of all sizes to showcase their brand. From cozy hats and durable jackets to snug custom hoodies, the breadth of products that can feature your logo and slogan is vast, ensuring a refined, high-quality brand representation. By collaborating with Rise Promotions, Edmonton's goto source for promotional products, you're choosing more than just embroidery services—you're affirming your business's dedication to premium quality.


What is Custom Embroidery? 

Embroidery Products

Embroidery for promotional products is a sophisticated method that involves the artful decoration of items such as apparel, hats, bags, and accessories with custom embroidery of logos, designs, or text. It stands out as a popular choice for businesses aiming to display their brand, with employees and customers often wearing embroidered items as a sign of affiliation and loyalty.

The process of embroidery starts with digitizing the desired logo or design into a format that an embroidery machine can interpret. This digitization dictates everything from stitch patterns to color selections, ensuring precision and consistency across items. Compared to other decoration methods like screen printing, embroidery is celebrated for its high quality and durability, with the finished product resistant to the wear and tear of regular use and washing.

Embroidered items can range widely, including but not limited to polo shirts, custom t-shirts, jackets, hats, and various accessories. The customization doesn't stop at the type of item; embroidery can be applied to multiple locations such as the chest, sleeve, or back of apparel, and the front, sides, or back of hats, allowing for versatile branding opportunities.

Looking for a more timeless look and feel? See how custom engraving differs from embroidery.

Why Choose Rise Promotions for Custom Embroidery 


Embroidery is more than just a technique for us, it's a way to make your brand stand out, resonate with your audience, and endure over time. Here's why partnering with Rise Promotions for your promotional product needs in Edmonton is the strategic choice for businesses looking to elevate their branding with precision, quality, and style.


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Personalized Embroidery

We believe in a tailored approach. Your brand isn't cookie-cutter, so your embroidery shouldn't be either. We work with you to handcraft designs that reflect your business’s uniqueness.

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Fast Turnaround Times

When you're aiming to get your brand noticed, every second counts. That's why we are your allies in the race against time, ensuring your promotional products are ready for your next major event, holiday, or marketing initiative.

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Quality and Variety

Tightly stitched threads ensure your logos and designs stay vibrant and durable. You also get to choose from top-notch brands like Nike, Puma, The North Face,Hugo Boss, Adidas and more.

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Competitive Pricing

We understand that bulk orders are crucial for your campaigns, and we're here to ensure they're as budget-friendly as possible. With our focus on cost-effectiveness, you can trust us to deliver quality embroidered products that won't break the bank.



Edmonton Embroidery Services at Scale 

When you're searching for unparalleled custom embroidery services in Edmonton, consider Rise Promotions your ultimate resource for all things embroidered, tailored specifically for medium and large businesses. Imagine a place where every stitch counts and where your corporate branding needs are met with precision and creativity.

Need your company logo on polo shirts for an upcoming conference? Check. Looking for custom uniforms that stand out? Absolutely. Thinking about personalized corporate gifts to appreciate your employees? We've got you covered. At RisePromotions, we understand the unique needs of your business.


Recent Embroidery Projects 

We invite you to explore the range of creative outcomes our embroidery services offer. From traditional designs that pay homage to cultural heritage to contemporary logos and slogans that propel your brand into the future, our promotional products showcase the skill and creativity that Rise Promotions is known for in Edmonton's bustling business scene.


One Color Embroidered Logo to Duffel

One Color Embroidered Logo to Duffel

Embroidery on Sweater and Hats

Embroidery on Sweater and Hats

Embroided Logo Hats

Embroidered Logo on Hats

Embroidery on Backpack

Embroidery on Backpack


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