Custom Hoodies in Edmonton

Custom Hoodie Printing in Edmonton

Ignite your next creative campaign with custom hoodie printing in Edmonton. 

Ever wondered how a simple hoodie could turn into a walking billboard for your Edmonton brand? It's all about making a statement, and nothing does it quite like custom hoodies with your logo front and center. As Edmonton’s leading promotional product provider, Rise Promotions is at the forefront of this, bringing your brand to the streets of Edmonton one hoodie at a time.
With an array of custom printing options, from screen printing to embroidery, you can tailor a look that’s as unique as your brand. Whether you're at a local sports event or simply handing out company gear, these wearable promotions pack a punch.

Choose from the classic pullover to the trendy crop hoodie—whatever matches your brand's vibe. Rise Promotions offers services that ensure your logo and messaging looks sharp and stays put wash after wash. So, read further to find out how custom hoodies can propel your Edmonton brand.


Different Types of Printing for Custom Hoodies  

Thinking of jazzing up your team's look with some fresh custom hoodies? Let's explore the printing options that can take your branding from zero to hero.

Screen Printing:Your go-to for a classic vibe. It's like a stencil, where ink passes through a mesh screen to create your design. Think bold and simple; best for 1-2 colors. It rocks for large orders and durability, plus it lets you play with funky inks like glitter!

Direct-to-Garment (DTG): Want crazy detail and colors? DTG is like your desktop printer, but for hoodies. It's great for complex, vibrant designs and feels light on the fabric. Super for small orders where detail is queen.

Heat Transfer Printing: This one's a bit of a chameleon, used for everything from plastisol transfers to dye-sublimation. It takes your design, printed on special paper, and heat-presses it onto the hoodie. Go wild with colors or pick dye-sublimation for a no-feel, all-over look on polyester blends.

Embroidery or Engraving: For that high-end, textured finish, embroidery stitches your design straight onto the hoodie. It's durable, looks professional, and is perfect for simpler designs or logos, often found on the chest or sleeves.

Dye Sublimation Fancy an all-over print? Dye sublimation uses heat to fuse dye into polyester fabrics, delivering vibrant, photo-quality images that feel as smooth as the hoodie itself. Ideal for polyester pieces, it's your ticket to standout, full-coverage designs.

Choose your fighter based on your design, the volumes you need, and the impact you want to make. Whether it's durability, detail, or that luxury feel, there's a method tailored just for your business's unique flair.

Why Rise Promotions is Your Go-to for Custom Hoodies

When you're thinking about boosting your business's brand visibility, custom hoodie printing is a path you can't ignore. Rise Promotions steps in as your go-to partner, delivering a caliber of service that sets your brand apart. Let's dive into what makes their service exceptional for your Edmonton-based venture.

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Partnering with Leading Brands

Working with renowned names like Puma, The North Face, Oakley, Hugo Boss, and Adidas ensures your custom hoodies not only look good but last. It's the kind of longevity your brand deserves and needs. After all, the feel of the premium fabric and the sight of the crisp, intricate designs—be it bold prints or subtle embroidery—repeats the message of your business's commitment to excellence, wear after wear.

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Quality at Scale

There's nothing quite like the vibrant, enduring imprint of professionally printed hoodies at scale. Rise Promotions harnesses top-tier printing techniques, from traditional screen printing for bulk orders to state-of-the-art direct-to-garment prints for those intricate, multi-colored designs. These hoodies aren’t just promotional items—they're durable pieces of wear that keep your brand in the public eye, wash after wash.

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Fast Turnaround Times

Your time is valuable, and that's where efficiency plays its part. Whether you're right in the heart of Edmonton or in surrounding areas like Sherwood Park or the West Edmonton Mall, Rise Promotions prioritizes rapid turnaround times without compromising on quality. We understand that the sooner your custom hoodies are in circulation, the quicker your brand benefits.


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Tailored Customizations

Imagine the freedom to bring any design to life on your promotional hoodies. This is where we shine, offering unrivaled customization options. You get to dictate the look and feel of your merch, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your brand identity.



Benefits of Custom Hoodies for Your Edmonton Business

Imagine your brand catching eyes wherever it goes. That's the power of custom hoodies. They transform everyone who wears them into a mobile advertisement. But there’s more than just free publicity, read further as we breakdown the other game changing benefits of using custom hoodies for your business.

Cost-Effective Marketing: Custom hoodies aren't just about being seen, they're about being smart with your marketing budget. Why pour funds into fleeting ads when hoodies offer a cost-effective alternative? They last longer and have the potential to reach more eyeballs than a one-time ad. It's an investment in long-term promotion.

Building Employee Morale: They're also great tokens of appreciation for your customers and troops on the ground. Handing out hoodies can tighten customer bonds and fan the flames of their brand loyalty. For your team, it's twofold; a boost in morale and a daily uniform that breeds unity. They'll feel like part of a bigger picture, proudly representing your brand both inside and outside of work..

Practical and Versatile: There's more. The beauty of hoodies lies in their versatility. They're practical for virtually any scenario, which means they get worn a lot—maximizing your brand's exposure. And let's talk desirability; everyone loves the cozy comfort of a well-made hoodie, right? This perceived value means your custom branded t-shirts and hoodies might just become someone's new favorite piece of clothing, reflecting well on your business.

For Creative Campaigns: Lastly, consider the promotional playing field they open up. Unique hoodies are perfect for giveaways at events or as coveted corporate gifts. That's clever engagement in a nutshell – and who doesn't love a creative campaign?

Remember, your business is worth showing off, and with Edmonton custom hoodies from Rise Promotions, you’re not just giving away apparel—you’re wrapping your brand in visibility, value, and versatility.

Recent Custom Hoodie Projects

When working with promotional products experts like us, you're not just ordering a batch of hoodies—you're crafting an experience for your team and customers alike. It's about finding that perfect blend of comfort and company pride. Interested? See our past projects for inspiration of how custom hoodies can boost your brand.


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